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"You have massaged my body - but you have touched my soul..."

Sensuous massage for the man

A male orgasm

A man can experience several orgasms during one act of lovemaking by holding back the ejaculation. On an orgiastic scale, this "higher orgasm" satisfaction reaches up to 98-99%. This can be repeated and lasts as for as long as a man wants.

The normal ordinary orgasm that reaches 100% on the orgiastic scale only last for half a second.

With the technique of withholding, a man can enjoy sex which seems to last forever, without experiencing any disadvantages. 
Normally an ordinary orgasm after the act of lovemaking culminates in a feeling of finished

A higher orgasm can last for hours  provided that a man knows how to apply the ejaculation process properly. 

If you have difficulties with differentiating the orgasm from ejaculation you can begin to pull up the sexual energy along your spine before reaching the climax.

According to the Tao, the real key to the healing of the body and to all-body pleasure lies in the circulation of sexual energy along the small energy cycle.

The small energy cycle is the main body circuit and is also called microcosmic circulation.

It consists of a back and a front channel

(in Chinese medicine these channels are traditionally called guiding vessel and serving vessel.) 
These channels are created in our earliest development. In the uterus our body first resembles a flat disc. With the shaping of the embryo the disc folds in half and creates two seams, one along the middle line of the back of our body and one along the front. The back seam can be recognised by our spine, but the front line is not so obvious to see. We notice the front seam now and then when it didnMt close completely, like a child that was born with a hare lip. 

Once you can pull up the sexual energy in your body you may discover that you have "orgiastic" feelings in your brain, in other parts of your body or even in your entire body. The deliberate contracting of the PC-muscle around the prostate will also help you to raise the sensitivity in your pelvis and to improve contraction-phase orgasms, which causes the lustful, automatic twitching of your prostate

Prostate Massage

It is possible to enjoy a prostate massage i
A regular massage of the prostate can soften the whole pelvic area and make it more flexible. This can lead to an increased sexual sensitivity.
Many men experience the prostate-massage as particularly pleasurable, however, the first time it can be a bit unpleasant or even painful



Prostate massage is considered a healthy activity for all men who are not experiencing severe symptoms of a prostate condition .

It is widely recommended as researchers discover the importance of prostate massage .

The whole purpose of this prostate massage is to bring some new fresh circulation to the area and keep it fresh and healthy.


Men Have Dramatically Increased

The Length And Intensity

Of Their Orgasm





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learn in 60 minutes

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prostate stimulation

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prostate orgasms


keep your


you never thought were possible.....

Guys, it's not a question of "Whether you will have prostate problems or not?".

Only a matter of "When ?!"

Because sooner or later, every male over the age of 50 in North America,Europe and Worldwide contracts prostatitis.

This E-book is the cheapest medical insurance and investment you could ever buy for your beloved prostate gland and enjoy the pleasure at the same time.




It is no secret that thousands and thousands of men worldwide are experiencing

the strongest and longest lasting orgasms

they never thought was possible and

keeping their prostate healthy.

It does not matter how old you are, your sexual experience
or your sexual orientation.

No previous experience of any kind is necessary.

My E-Book will show you step by step everything you need to know or wanted to know about how to achieve
intense prostate orgasms through prostate massage and prostate milking.

Have you been concerned about your male orgasms and the health of your prostate?

Studies suggest that over 50% of men between 25 and 55 have considered ways to help their orgasms but until now there has not been any easy ways to effectively and affordable increase their orgasm intensity and duration.

55% of men between 25 and 55 also express concern about their ability to maintain and achieve long lasting erections.

The techniques does not require you to purchase anything else.

No need to take any expensive pills, vitamins or supplements.

No need to be concerned about applying any messy and potentially dangerous

In fact, you will never need to consider any risky surgery or been concerned with sub par orgasms

What You Learn In This E Book


"What You will Learn "

1.Easily Learn in 60 minutes the techniques in the book and start using them-NOW

2.What the difference is between prostate massage and prostate milking

3.Step by step instructions on how to perform prostate massage

4.How do give yourself a prostate massage or prostate milking

5.What are the sensations you should be feeling throughout the experience

6.Ways your partner can help out with your prostate orgasm

7.Things you MUST NEVER DO during your prostate milking or prostate massage

8.Things to do before your prostate massage or prostate milking

9.Effective ways to massage the prostate for maximum orgasm strength

10.How to master the basic strokes and massage motions for mind blowing prostate orgasms

11.How to locate your prostate both internally and externally for different types of orgasms

Everything Is Included For you to Learn How To Have the Strongest, Most Powerful and Longest Lasting Orgasms You Have Experience

The Easy To Learn Techniques In This E-Book Will
Teach Any Man Regardless Of Age,Sexual Experience Or Sexual Orientation How To..

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I Had No Idea!!!

Who would have though that my Orgasm could be so STRONG

Hi Dan,

I did download your book and starting reading it. I have started implementing the advice and had immediate results. "Prostate massage dramatically improved my orgasm strength like nothing I have ever tried before, I have tried lots of things but nothing works like this"  .

Thank you so much!
L Cisa



An orgasm brought about by prostate stimulation is said to be one of the best orgasms that a man can experience.

Yes,I want to learn how to experience the best male orgasms ever!!!!

For just $33.99, one time investment and cheap medical insurance you could ever buy for your beloved prostate gland you receive the Male Prostate Health Massage Prostate Massage P Spot E-Book

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Most men dont know that there is pleasure to be found in a place that they would have never thought possible.

Inside the rectum the prostate gland can be found, and when you practice prostate stimulation you are experiencing the utmost in sexual satisfaction. Psychological high

As powerful as physiological stimulation might be, it pales when compared to the immeasurably greater psychological or mental high. The very notion of the male placing himself into such a vulnerable position, results in a powerful mental rush, for both receiver as well giver. The willingness of the naturally controlling male to allow himself to placed in an unaccustomed submissive role, should be particularly cherished by the giver.

There are number of reasons Why is prostate massage pleasurable?:

One: The Ejaculation Reflex Sensation

Two: Anal Sensitivity

Three: The Hidden Penis


Check it out for yourself

The Male Prostate Health Massage Prostate Massage P Spot E-Book is Ready Now To Download To Your Computer And View In The Privacy Of Your Home for $33.99!

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Absolutely easy access to Prostate Massage .



Learn how to Massage Your Prostate to maintain a healthy prostate from prostate orgasms



Learn how to Massage Your Prostate to keep it healthy and for Intense prostate orgasms. Rated #1 Review

What Men Just Like You Are Saying About
The "Male Prostate Health Massage Prostate Massage P Spot" Ebook


"Testimonials from HAPPY people"


"Prostate massage rocks!! My girlfriend loves to perform a prostate massage on me and she loves how much
longer I last" Larry C

"The prostate milking technique produces an orgasm that is almost too intense. After practicing these prostate
milking and prostate massage techniques, I will never go back" Paul E

"I was full of doubt, but I have to say, the results were great and my partner was so impressed. I never thought that stimulating my prostate would produce these results" George F

In hopes of you achieving the orgasms you have always deserved and at the same time keep your prostate healthy

It wont cost $920.00. It wont cost $130.00.

In Fact You Can Get The Same Expertise As If You
Had Paid For A Visit From A Specialist For As Low As $33.99.

Your prostate's function is to help in the production of semen. Usually, we associate the penis as the only
male sex organ but for many men the prostate is their key to sexual satisfaction.

Not surprising, the prostate is quickly becoming know as the "male g-spot".

Men of all ages, races and sexual orientations are now learning about the sexual and health benefits associated with prostate milking.

Until recently, information on prostate massage or prostate milking was unreliable and not readily available
to the general male population-until now.
Nothing isleft out out in our efforts to bring you everything you need to know about prostate milking,
prostate massage and prostate stimulation.

You will learn all about your prostate and how to safely and easily achieve prostate orgasms that you never thought were possible.

You will

experience for yourself in the comfort of your own home

to achieve the orgasms and maintain a healthy prostate as you have always desired.


Remember that with my 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk.

Try the Male Prostate Health Massage Prostate Massage P Spot RISK FREE . At any time if you are not experiencing the strongest and longest lasting orgasms you can ask for a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
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I could have charged much more for this information but I wanted to make it affordable for every man. Are you
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